Itching for a lynchmob

Itching for a lynchmob

by digby

If I were this kid, I'd take a vacation because these wingnuts are ginning up a lynch mob. Alex Seitz-Wald reports:
This could have be an embarrassing, almost CNN-worthy, misstep for the expert, but speaking with Sean Hannity on Fox last night, [alleged terrorism "expert" Steve Emerson] found a workaround [for his earlier terrible reporting on the Saudi blast victim who was later exonerated]:
EMERSON: Let me throw in another curve ball here that is going to make news. Remember the Saudi that they initially had arrested, or at least detained? … Well I just learned from my own sources that he is now going to be deported on national security grounds next Tuesday, which is very unusual.
Sensing a golden opportunity to hammer the administration, Hannity was totally onboard. He jumped in and noted that, according to Reuters, Obama held a meeting with the Saudi foreign minister, which did not appear on the president’s schedule. Could that be related, Hannity asked? (Reuters said the meeting was to discuss Syria.) Emerson continued:
EMERSON: This is the way things are done with Saudi Arabia, you don’t arrest their citizens, you deport them, because they don’t want them to be embarrassed and that’s the way we appease them.
Aha! The Saudi man may still have been involved in the bombing, but the cowardly Obama administration is bowing the Saudi pressure to cover it all up. Piggybacking on Emerson, Pamela Geller had more on “the shocking news,” claiming that the person of interest came from “a very powerful Saudi family” that is “steeped in terrorism,” with several relatives who “are members of Al-Qaeda.”

This morning, Glenn Beck broke even more news on his radio show, citing “an FBI source.” Beck explained that it “looks like they were trying to make this a ‘lone wolf’ crime, so the Saudi government would be spared embarrassment and the U.S. would avoid explaining how a terror cell was active when we had AQ on the run.”

So there you have it, a vast attempt to coverup terrorism from the Obama administration, working in cahoots with the Saudi government!

This isn't just Geller and Alex Jones, folks. It's Fox news.  And Glenn Beck has millions of followers.

This is disgusting public speculation about a young kid who has already been exonerated by the cops. These jerks are basically prodding one of their nutballs to go after him.  Let's hope that none of their nutballs are as far gone as they are.

Update:  This is probably what that bozo was talking about:

They went to his residence in Revere and found two other Saudi nationals. It turns out -- and they had visa problems, so Immigration and Customs Enforcement took them into custody. But it seems as if this is a -- this is not where the investigation is going.


Update II:

Jake Tapper has more. It may not even be the roommates. But in case you were wondering if anyone's listening to these Fox news bozos, it would appear that at least one member of congress is. Sheesh.