Friday, April 26, 2013

Mark Zuckerberg moves his empire to Galt's Gulch

Mark Zuckerberg moves his empire to Galt's Gulch

by digby

Dear God:

Lest you think that some drunk GOP strategist put the wrong candidate in that ad, think again:

Mark Zuckerberg’s new political group, which bills itself as a bipartisan entity dedicated to passing immigration reform, has spent considerable resources on ads advocating a host of anti-environmental causes — including drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and constructing the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

The umbrella group, co-founded by Facebook’s Zuckerberg, NationBuilder’s Joe Green, LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman, Dropbox’s Drew Houston, and others in the tech industry, is called FWD.US...

FWD.US is bankrolling two subsidiary organizations to purchase TV ads to advance the overarching agenda — one run by veteran Republican political operatives and one led by Democratic strategists. The GOP-lead group, called Americans For A Conservative Direction, has created an ad in support of Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) which praises him for supporting construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and expanded drilling elsewhere. The ad, which does not mention immigration policy, also attacks Obamacare, “wasteful stimulus spending,” and “seedy Chicago-style politics.” Politico reports the group plans a seven-figure buy with this and other ads.

The other group, called Council for American Job Growth and purportedly intended to appeal to liberals, lauds Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK) for “working to open ANWR to drilling.” The ad also does not mention immigration reform but does highlight Begich’s support of a balanced budget amendment.

I'm sure I don't have to point out what's wrong with that picture do I?

Ok, I will anyway: Both the conservative and "liberal" ads are ... uhm, conservative.

The article does stress that Zuckerberg's group is in favor of comprehensive immigration reform which, I guess, is why liberals are supposed to be enthusiastic. I guess we're supposed to overlook the fact that it's also a Republican priority to try to get some Latino votes.

In other words, Mark Zuckerberg is a Republican as are, apparently, all his tech pals who are putting their cash to work for conservative causes. Just like all the other greedhead billionaire assholes.



  1. Pretty sure that when this group says "immigration reform" all they really mean is "easier H-1 visas for importing tech workers", not anything that would solve what most people think of as our immigration problems.

  2. Another reason for me to try to stand by my commitment (so far so good) never to sign up with FaceBook.
    But there are a lot of countervailing pressures.
    And (I can say this) it is an affront to my people when any of us votes for, or supports, any Publican... even when we're billionaires. We're supposed to know better. We're supposed to *be* better.
    (Cross-posted in comments at WaMo; apologies if that's a no-no. If so, let me know & I won't do it agin.)

  3. Facebook gets its name from the Harvard freshman "facebook," which is very simply a book given out to first -year students that has a picture of each freshman/woman in it, with their hometown, highschool info. The idea being you can see who you know and put names to faces in your classes. Of course it also serves as a dream-wank book, or insult-amusement passtime.... You sit around with your roommates finding hot chicks/guys to fantasize about or ugly people to make fun of. Zuckerberg clearly spent a lot of time doing this... And his life's work is just as useful.

  4. Surprise!! Zuck, always a flaming jerk, uses his unearned wealth to be an ever bigger jerk. And push people to join him in Jerkdom. Ain't it grand to see a job creater out there creating jobs! Tar sands! There's your future, social media babies!

  5. This is why I refuse to donate to the DSCC, DNC, and Alaska Dem Party. Begich and the Dem establishment think his right wing votes buy him protection. And of course what they really do is deprive Alaska of representation by someone who cares about protecting our natural resources, not strpping them out for bankers' profits.

  6. Hasn't Begich's job as an lobbyist come together yet? I thought he and Baucus were planning to set up a K Street operation to lobby Dems on behalf of anti-environment and pro-gun groups.


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