We just can't afford a future

We just can't afford a future

by digby

If this is a problem, why isn't it fixed?

Let me say that when I'm talking to you here right now, my position on climate change was very moderate and actually very mainstream. And that is this: If you think that the science on climate change is settled, you're simply overstating the facts. And let me give you an example of that. Two years ago, President Obama controlled the House and the Senate—the Senate by a 60-vote margin. They did not put forth a vote on human climate change. And do you know why? Why do you suppose they didn't? Because they recognized that science behind this...

Well, that's not true, actually but considering that they were dealing with an economic catastrophe solutions for which the Republicans were determined to obstruct, it's amazing they even got that done. But you have to love the logic that says "the Democrats didn't fix it so it must not be real."

But this one's a real doozy:

There's one final thought that's really important in this, which is that even if you concede that climate change is real, even if you concede, there are no reasonable remedies that don't absolutely bankrupt the West.

So let's party! Our kids and grandkids are gonna die anyway, amirite?

The good news is that when we go down, we won't be in debt so at least we'll have that.

I'm sure you're wondering why I'm quoting some GOP back bench moron. Who cares what he thinks, right? Well, unfortunately this guy happens to be chairman of the House Subcommittee on the Environment. Yep.