Ole Joe Biden, the good cop

Ole Joe Biden, the good cop

by digby

Some people are very excited about this:

A Sierra Club volunteer in South Carolina said Vice President Joe Biden appeared to indicate his opposition to TransCanada Corp.’s (TRP) Keystone XL in a brief conversation with her last week.

Elaine Cooper, an environmental activist with the state’s Sierra Club chapter, said in a blog post that she asked Biden if the administration was serious about addressing climate change and if President Barack Obama would reject the pipeline, which would carry diluted bitumen from Alberta to refineries in the U.S. Gulf Coast.

“He looked at the Sierra Club hat on my head, and he said ’yes, I do – I share your views – but I am in the minority,’ and he smiled,” Cooper wrote in the blog posted on the Sierra Club’s website.

First of all, he explicitly says he's in the minority, which doesn't bode well, I'm afraid.

Moreover, we've been here before, have we not?

"Hey, by the way, let's talk about Social Security," Biden said after a diner at The Coffee Break Cafe in Stuart, VA expressed his relief that the Obama campaign wasn't talking about changing the popular entitlement program.

"Number one, I guarantee you, flat guarantee you, there will be no changes in Social Security," Biden said, per a pool report. "I flat guarantee you."

Maybe it's old Joe bein' Joe again, but you do have to wonder after a while if maybe Joe's just doing his job.