Now they're just getting silly

Now they're just getting silly

by digby

Don't talk about fight club:

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has taken the unusual step of actively blocking a former committee aide from talking to TPM about congressional oversight of the intelligence community. At issue isn’t classified sources and methods of intelligence gathering but general information about how the committee functions — and how it should function. The committee’s refusal to allow former general counsel Vicki Divoll to disclose unclassified information to a reporter was the first and only time it has sought to block her from making public comments, based on her experience as one of its most senior aides, since she left Capitol Hill in 2003.

Read the whole thing to see just how ridiculous they're being. Now they won't even talk about their process for keeping secrets.

At what point does the press become truly exercised about this stuff, I wonder? I remain gobsmacked at their acquiesence to the government's position that they must basically sit down and shut up in order to "protect the American people."

If only somebody had some sex in all this.