Hillary's making them crazy already

Hillary's making them crazy already

by digby

As Atrios says, good luck explaining all this to the kids:

None of the 90s scandals made any sense at all even at the time, unless there was something nefarious about losing money on a land deal or you were pretty sure Hillary Clinton had her friend murdered. 
Still it wouldn't surprise me if the NYT brings the Whitewater band back together. What's Jeff Gerth up to these days?
Fox is already going all in on the Hillary bashing in the crudest manner possible. Here's John Amato:
Fox News sinks to another low for this segment from Tuesday's America Live which discusses media bias over some Hillary Clinton mini-series and documentary being made. WMAL Radio host Chris Plante lowered himself into the Louis Gohmert chamber of shame with this.

Plante: Look, we know what their biases are and we know what the outcome is going to be as Howard said. Casting Diane Lane, the lovely Diane Lane as Hillary Clinton is enough of a tip off as to where this is going to go. 
You know personally I would cast Phillip Seymour Hoffman to play Hillary Clinton.
Plante is the type of vile conservative Fox obviously loves because of the bilge that pours out of his mouth when he discusses anyone left of center. Any liberal pundit who displayed this type of behavior on air would never get on TV again. By the way, he was so proud of this that it's on their website. Fox News is freaking out over the proposed plans that NBC and CNN are developing films around Hillary Clinton. 
Funny how they never cried like this for the Hillary propaganda movie that was made by Citizens United. In fact, they were promoting it endlessly. And we know how the Supreme Court ruled on that movie. It's destroyed our campaign finance laws. [...]
Kurtz: Everybody knows Hollywood, quote, 'Hollywood loves Hillary Rodham Clinton,' but I don't three years before a presidential election anything in the works on Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio or any of the other names that you mentioned, so there is this view that feeds the narrative that a lot of people already have, Hillary has this special status both in the culture and the media culture and if there is no film on any of the prospective Republican presidential candidates, then I think that does tilt the scale. 
Megyn Cut Out: ...but we know it's going to start after that point (1998) Do you think they get into Benghazi, I mean it's been such a..I mean a US Ambassador died on her watch as SOS. Is it going to be addressed? Is there a way to address it that in some way portrays her in a positive light, that she did what she could? Plante: Well of course, that's the value of propaganda. Of course she's going to be the innocent victim, the heroic figure. She's already been declared one of our greatest SOS ever with no accomplishments to her name, quite literally as SOS, other than the Benghazi cover-up so of course it's going to make it, paint her the person who tried to save them and worked late into the night. That 3am phone call. This is a whitewash before you begin and the CNN piece, Charles Ferguson is famous for two films. One is a hatchet job on the Bush administration and the Iraq war and the other is a hatchet job on Wall Street and capitalism that he did with Matt Damon. Those are his credentials...
This fool obviously knows nothing about Ferguson, who is a multimillionaire software entrepreneur who won an Academy Award for Inside Job about the financial collapse. And he was an early Iraq war supporter, but was so disillusioned by it that he helped fund research and the movie called No End In Sight, about how disastrous George W. Bush handled the initial occupation of Iraq, which then broke out into an uncontrollable civil war.
Read Amato's entire piece for the full rundown. It's going to be a very ugly campaign if Clinton decides to run. They just can't help themselves.

And Howie Kurtz is fitting in just perfectly, isn't he?