The Koch philosophy: You're richer than the average Somali so STFU

The Koch philosophy:You're richer than the average Somali so STFU

by digby

I'd be simply hoping we can hold out until these evil old brothers finally shuffle off their mortal coils but unfortunately, there are probably a lot more where they came from:

On Wednesday, the Charles Koch Foundation launched a $200,000 media campaign in Wichita, Kansas, with a hint of expanding it elsewhere. It is the Kochs’ biggest media buy since they promised to do more to “persuade politicians” after suffering losses in the 2012 election. 
In an interview with the Wichita Eagle published Tuesday, Koch said that the minimum wage is one policy he is working against:
We want to do a better job of raising up the disadvantaged and the poorest in this country, rather than saying ‘Oh, we’re just fine now.’ We’re not saying that at all. What we’re saying is, we need to analyze all these additional policies, these subsidies, this cronyism, this avalanche of regulations, all these things that are creating a culture of dependency. And like permitting, to start a business, in many cities, to drive a taxicab, to become a hairdresser. Anything that people with limited capital can do to raise themselves up, they keep throwing obstacles in their way. And so we’ve got to clear those out. Or the minimum wage. Or anything that reduces the mobility of labor.

I don't know if you know this, but before we had subsidies like the minimum wage or health and safety regulations there were no poor people. You remember those good old days, right?

Seven Dials, in central London, was synonymous with poverty and crime, a black hole to most Londoners.

And hey, we'd still be better off than the poorest countries in Africa, amirite?

Here's the ad:

*This seems relevant: "Although he deems low-wage workers part of a “culture of dependency” on the government, Koch Industries is on the receiving end of oil subsidies, government contracts, and bailouts."

Jaaahb createrz.