Give credit where credit is due (and not where it isn't)

Give credit where credit is due (and not where it isn't)

by digby

Oh boy.  I'm starting to see the 12 dimensional chess theory being trotted out once again and it's as nonsensical today as it always was. Look at this video of Kerry's statement yesterday:

If Kerry was acting there he's been in the wrong job all these years. He could give Daniel Day Lewis a run for his money. (And he had to have planted that question, which someone should ask about if they think this was all staged.) We watched him perform for a solid two years on television back in 2004 and saw nothing of this fantastic acting ability.  I really doubt that's what it was.

I don't know why it's so important for people to believe that the president is a Jedi Master but he clearly isn't. However he is willing to change course (on foreign policy anyway) when an opportunity presents itself and I think that's praiseworthy in itself, particularly after our last experience with a stubborn president determined to go to war no matter what.  I think it's a good thing that they can take advantage of an unseen possibility.  Why the need to make it more than it is?