Smarter than your smart phone

Smarter than your smart phone

by digby

Here is the latest story from Laura Poitras in der Spiegel. It's about the NSA's spying capability on smart phones, which is substantial. Not that we couldn't have suspected it already --- clearly, they are leaving no stones unturned. However there is some good news:
The material viewed by SPIEGEL suggests that the spying on smart phones has not been a mass phenomenon. It has been targeted, in some cases in an individually tailored manner and without the knowledge of the smart phone companies.
Note the ad at the lower left of the story:

Sure, I'll use my iPhone to read der Spiegel. I just can't use it for anything I don't want the government to see.

Reporters should probably be especially careful about this from now on. The government has already shown its willingness to conflate terrorism, espionage and journalism. Anything on those iPhone's could easily be seen as fair game.