How gibberish will save us

How gibberish will save us

by digby

I'm actually feeling a little bit better about the future of Social Security after reading this interview with Real Estate developer and Tea Party candidate for congress Art Halvorson who's running to unseat incumbent Bill Shuster in the primary. If this is how the Tea Partiers see the Chained-CPI, I guess we have nothing to worry about:

The president’s proposal for chained CPI, which would reduce future Social Security benefits – what’s your view of that?

It’s classic government – it’s classic big government, so I think that it’s stealing from the American people…the government borrows money with no intentions of paying it back, and so how they – the way they deal with it is they allow the money to inflate…Without a gold standard or any real standard upon which – with just fiat money, the government is free to do that almost without any limitation. I say all that to say the CPI is just one more gimmick that the government has, a tool that they have at their disposal to sort of deal with…unintended consequences of big spending, deficit spending. That’s how they deal with it…It’s reprehensible…They’re perpetuating this establishment inertia, and it’s disgusting…

I have no idea how to interpret that gibberish, but I think it means they really are too stupid to take yes for an answer.