There's blackmail and then there's *blackmail*

There's blackmail and then there's blackmail

by digby

Ok, now they're getting crazy:

As a diehard Dodger fan I must deplore this outrageous attempt to take the national pastime hostage unless the Braves are given the pennant. We will never back down, we will never give in, we will never negotiate!

Nonetheless I will reiterate our willingness to sit down and see if we can find a way to allocate the runs and the games in a way that the Braves will feel is more fair once this crisis is past. Sometimes the other side has some good plays that deserve recognition. Why, we could even see our way to giving up the division title and replaying the last game if that's what it takes.  Dodgers are the grown ups on the field and in the dugout (if not the swimming pool.)

But no way can we agree to even discuss replaying the NLDS without Puig, Kershaw, Uribe and Ramirez (although, as I've said repeatedly, my offer to do that is still on the table) until the Braves relinquish their demand that the congress outlaw baseball. We will not be blackmailed.