Huckleberry and ladies

Huckleberry and ladies

by digby

Huckleberry Graham knows as much about women and pregnancy as I know about Pokemon. Which is absolutely nothing. But that doesn't stop him from using their wombs as a political football:

As he moves to introduce a bill in the Senate banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday the issue is a conversation a "humane" society needs to have.

“This is a debate worthy of a great democracy. When do you become you? At 20 weeks of a pregnancy, what is the proper role of the government in protecting that child?” Graham said on "Fox News Sunday."

Despite concerns about the constitutionality of such a ban, the South Carolina Republican who is up for re-election, said he and other advocates would make the case to the Supreme Court that it's a legitimate government interest to ban such abortions, making an exception for the health of the mother and cases of rape or incest.

“At 20 weeks, you feel pain," he said. "The state, the government has a legitimate interest to protect the child at the 20-week period of development, because they can feel pain. That’s what a rational humane society should do.”

He also knows as much about what constitututes a "rational humane society" as I know about Pokemon. Which is absolutely nothing.