If this happens I will truly believe the Rapture is upon us

If this happens I will truly believe the Rapture is upon us

by digby

A leader of the black robed regiment for our time:
Texas tea party activists eager to send another firebrand in the mold of Ted Cruz to the Senate have launched a movement to draft evangelical historian David Barton to run against Sen. John Cornyn.

Barton, who hosts a daily radio broadcast, has wide name recognition and respect on the religious right as a Constitutional scholar dedicated to restoring the America the Founding Fathers envisioned, though his scholarship on that point has been widely discredited in the world of academia.

Political analysts doubt he could take down a candidate as well-funded, well-known and widely endorsed as Cornyn. But they’re not willing to count out an insurgent from the right — not after watching Cruz come from nowhere two years ago. Barton has deep political roots, having spent nearly a decade as vice chairman of the Texas Republican Party. He is a skilled orator. And he’s got the stagecraft down pat: He travels the country to deliver rousing tributes to patriotism, often in red, white and blue Western shirts.
I have been writing about David Barton for a very long time. Let's just say that if he were elected he would make Ted Cruz look like Nelson Rockefeller by comparison.

And if the Tea Partiers back him we can certainly dispense with any notion that they are big believers in freedom and liberty.