Failing up at CBS

Failing up at CBS

by digby

Apparently, CBS plans to deal with the impending loss of their official National Security state fluffer by inviting their most notorious hoaxter back into the fold having only "suffered" a month's vacation over the holidays:
Lara Logan and Max McClellan, the '60 Minutes' journalists who were put on a leave of absence following their now-retracted report on Benghazi, are set to return to the program early next year, POLITICO has learned.

Logan and her producer, who had unfinished projects in the works when they left in November, have started booking camera crews for news packages, network sources said. Their return could come as early as next month.

CBS says it hasn't been officially "scheduled" yet which just means the exact dates aren't decided. Logan's coming back and will suffer no long term repercussions.

In case you are wondering what Dan Rather is up to these days, you can find him doing interesting long form reporting at AXSTV. He is persona non grata at the Tiffany network. After all, he relied on a bad source about an inconsequential story from 40 years ago, which is unforgivable. Logan will still have the most vaunted news program in history pushing her shallow jigoistic drivel --- whether it's true or not.

One of the less discussed aspects of the work Greenwald and his cohorts are doing (and presumably will continue to do) is their intention to rebel against the conventions and structures of not just the government but of mainstream journalism, in both style and substance. His new venture with Pierre Omidyar is being designed around this new journalism and should be a very interesting experiment. CBS, on the other hand, seems to be intent upon becoming the avatar of everything that's wrong with it, most especially its overweening supplication to the powerful, both in the private sector and the government. Considering its proud history going all the way back to the 50s it's a sad denouement.

For a rundown of the "problems" with last night's 60 Minutes advertisement for NSA secrecy, see this article by Spencer Ackerman.

It's holiday fundraiser time ...