Love it or leave it

Love it or leave it

by digby

Remember, this is a fellow from whom Republican politicians seek dispensation:
On Sunday, John Hagee delivered a sermon to his congregation during which he raged against the supposed "War on Christmas" which he began by declaring that America was founded as, and still remains, a Christian nation. As such, if atheists and humanists don't like being wished a "Merry Christmas" ... well, they can just get out of the country.

Telling atheists to get out of America is one of Hagee's favorite pieces of advice, so it was no surprise to hear him declare it again during his Sunday sermon when he told any atheists listening that "if you pass a manger scene and someone is singing 'Joy To The World,' you can take your Walkman and stuff it into your ears, or you can call your lawyer, or you can just exercise your right to leave the country; planes are leaving every hour on the hour, get on one"
Click through for the video, but only if you have no life. (Do click through to Right Wing Watch in general however, and read up on the even more reprehensible rhetoric of John Hagee among way too many others.)

First, I love Christmas Carols and sing along to them with abandon during this season. I was on a long drive over the holiday and virtually every radio station for hundreds of miles was playing Christmas music, including the really religious stuff like "Oh Holy Night." I also love religious art and appreciate it whenever I visit museums. Churches and cathedrals too. I personally fail to see why it's necessary that civic property displays religious symbols when tax free churches are on virtually every street corner in America and are able to publicly exhibit any religious display they choose. But it doesn't keep me up at night if they do.

In other words, STFU.

But more importantly, who in the hell still uses a Walkman?