If only we had more people with guns in movie theaters... by @DavidOAtkins

If only we had more people guns in movie theaters...

by David Atkins

Remember how, in the wake of the awful movie theater shootings in Colorado, conservatives told everyone that the best solution was for everyone in a movie theater to come packing heat? Sounds like a great idea:

An altercation between two couples at a Wesley Chapel movie theater Monday led to a shooting that left a man dead, authorities said.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, a couple got into an argument with a man and his wife who were sitting behind them during previews for the 1:20 p.m. showing of the war movie Lone Survivor.

The situation escalated, and the man sitting behind the couple shot them, authorities said.

Both victims were being transported to a Tampa-area hospital, but the man died. The woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries, authorities said.

Another patron inside the theater detained the shooting suspect until deputies arrived and took him into custody, authorities said. No other injuries were reported.
Authorities said the argument began when the suspect became upset about noise the other couple was making while texting on a cell phone.

"The suspected decides to pull out a .380 (handgun), and he shoots the victim," Sheriff Chris Nocco said. "It's absolutely crazy that it would rise to this level of (violence) over somebody texting at a movie theater."
Sick. But I'm sure if more people were carrying guns into movie theaters we would all be much safer, right?