QOTD: Dick DeVos

QOTD: Dick DeVos

by digby

This story of the fantastically wealthy DeVos family and their rich friends' efforts to defund the left is fascinating. It's systematic, it's long term and it's very, very well financed by very, very wealthy wingnuts.

Jon Schwarz brought this amazing quote to my attention:

"Sitting around that table we felt like a rag-tag grouping of Davids, in the historic Biblical story," DeVos told me in an email. "But we left the table committed to doing our best to change Michigan's future for the better."

Like all far right zealots, despite their huge influence within one of the two major parties they feel as if they are just a bunch of average citizens up against the powerful hippie Goliath. With guns. And billions of dollars. But other than that they are weak as a box of newborn kittens...