Sobering numbers about money in politics

Sobering numbers about money in politics

by digby

Via Think Progress:
A political network linked to conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch raised at least $407 million in the last election, almost matching Mitt Romney’s campaign funds. By comparison, the Koch network raised more than George W. Bush did in 2004, and outdid both presidential candidates in 2000.

According to an analysis from the Washington Post and Center for Responsive Politics, the labyrinth of 17 tax-exempt Koch groups shielded wealthy individuals from disclosing their donations, including the exact amount the two billionaires contribute. A vast amount came through two main groups with ties to Koch officials, which fed $302 million to a wider network — Americans for Prosperity, Club for Growth, the American Energy Alliance, Heritage Action, among others.

They're up to 72 billion now.

Here's that perspective for you once again::

Even if that 400 million came out of the brothers' own pockets, and it didn't,  it still wouldn't amount to more than chump change. There is no limit to how much they can spend on politics if they choose too.

And even if they don't win, which they obviously do not always do, this money distorts everything in our democracy. Short of climate change I don't think there is a bigger --- and more intractable --- problem.