The Onion tells the truth about climate that most journalists won't, by @DavidOAtkins

The Onion tells the truth about climate that most journalists won't

by David Atkins

The Onion tells it like it really is:

With the implementation of tighter carbon emissions caps and more responsible household energy use, it is not too late to reverse the dire course of global warming, a panel of scientists who know full well that it is far too late and we are all doomed told reporters today. “If we all do our part right now to design and enforce more responsible business and environmental practices, there’s still a good chance we can avoid the calamitous consequences of worldwide climate change,” said climatologist Dr. Kevin Little, a man who, deep in his heart, knows all too acutely that it’s over, there’s not a damned thing we can do, and so we might as well just start preparing now for what is certain to be the unprecedented destruction of human civilization at the hands of a ravaged ecosystem. “It will take massive investment and cooperation on a global scale, but I’m optimistic we can be in good shape by around 2030 or so.” The researchers who awake each morning with the grim realization that they are bearing witness to mankind’s sad, inevitable endgame also suggested there is still very much a chance of stabilizing the rapid loss of Arctic sea ice.
The best case scenarios involve a moon shot at geoengineering or a miraculous advance in renewable energy extremely soon. The medium case scenario is climate-induced economic collapse that reduces carbon emissions enough that we don't get a runaway greenhouse effect. The worst case scenario is an unlivable planet.

That the actual reality.

Those who willfully promote climate change denial while knowing better in order to support their short-term greed are--and I do not exaggerate here--committing crimes against humanity. It's only unfortunate that Roger Ailes and Stuart Varney won't live long enough to face trial for it.