Job seeking in a sellers market

Job seeking in a sellers market

by digby

This is what happens in a sellers job market --- people get treated like dirt:
Kelly Blazek is kind of a big deal: she runs a Cleveland Job Bank House and has gone off on anyone who has dared to try and make a professional connection with her that they are too “green” to have. As explained to the blog CleveScene, jobseekers reach out to her to get on her members-only “NEOHCommJobs” listserv. According to her, the listserv boasts over 7,300 subscribers and breaks job openings before they are posted elsewhere. It sounds like a great resource for Cleveland-ites looking for communications connections and jobs.

Perhaps it’s too great a resource. See, it seems Kelly Blazek has let running some rinky-dink Ohio listserv get to her head. Read this email from a jobseeker, followed by Blazek’s response:

Yikes. She goes after millenials who are often treated like they are spoiled children for simply wanting to work for a living, but a friend of mine who is in her 50s has a similar story in which she was told at a recent interview that they prefer not to work with older people because they're depressing. I think the problem isn't the age of the job seeker. If you give small minded people power they will inevitably abuse it. And our job market for the past five years has been a laboratory for worker abuse. Not that workers are in a position to complain, mind you. When there are people lined up around the block ready to take your job you're not inclined to make trouble.

And to think that all these businesses are making record profits. Oh wait ...