Snickerdoodles scare me too

Snickerdoodles scare me too

by digby

You can't blame the guy:

A California man was taken into custody over the weekend after he allegedly pulled a gun on a young Girl Scout who was selling cookies.

A press release from the Riverside County Sheriff-Coroner’s office that the father of the girl, who is a minor, contacted authorities after he saw 59-year-old John Dodrill point the gun at his daughter while she was selling cookies door-to-door on Sunday.

His home is his castle and he doesn't want some little girl forcing him to decline her offer to sell him some cookies on his own front porch. Because freedom. That's the American way.

Also too, the cost of Taco Bell is too damned high. The only answer is to shoot up the stores.

Maybe if we armed the fast food workers and girl scouts we'd have a more polite society amirite?