Prepping the next generation of extremists

Prepping the next generation of extremists

by digby

The Children's Book Council has announced the nominations for children's book author of the year. Guess what jolly old uncle in on the list?

Yep.  The guy who says stuff like this about hungry children (or rather what he calls "wanton little waifs and serfs dependent on the state) is writing children's books:

[T]here's always the neighborhood dumpster. Now, you might find competition with homeless people there, but there are videos that have been produced to show you how to healthfully dine and how to dumpster dive and survive until school kicks back up in August.

One could fill an entire schoolroom with examples of this sadistic psychopath's twisted commentary. The idea that he's peddling his name to innocent children, is horrifying. It's like having Hannibal Lechter cater your dinner party.

h/t AC