Rush Limbaugh weighs in

Rush Limbaugh weighs in

on digby

No, not on Ukraine or even the Oscars. On Michelle Obama's weight.

I'm not kidding:

Rush: You'll notice that this dress is bigger than the president of France. Here, let me make one more adjustment here and I'll show you this again. Take a look at that picture. The little guy in the middle is the socialist dictator -- well, not dictator. He's the socialist president of France. On the left, that's not Oprah. Don't confuse that. That's Michelle Obama. I saw a picture of this from the rear. That's why I thought it was Oprah.
He's certainly not the first corpulent man to make rude comments about a woman's weight. It's actually quite common. But he may be among the very few who are this delusional. Michelle Obama is not fat. Certainly not in that picture. Or anywhere. It's just not factually, observably correct.

And apparently when Rush looks in the mirror he sees George Clooney. And he's not George Clooney:

Via Political Carnival which has much more on this.