Venture Capitalist shocked that not everyone is a selfish jackass like him, by @DavidOAtkins

Venture Capitalist shocked that not everyone is a selfish jackass like him

by David Atkins

The venture capitalist who wants to turn California into six different states is shocked that the wealthiest, most liberal parts of the state want nothing to do with his plan:

Venture capitalist Tim Draper says he is getting “close” to collecting the necessary 800,000 signatures needed to get his “Six Californias” measure before state voters in 2014 — but he acknowledges his own internal polling shows Silicon Valley is most opposed to the idea of splitting the state into six parts.

“You’d think that Silicon Valley would benefit” greatest from the plan, said Draper, whose plan calls for the foundation of a state of Silicon Valley, which economists suggest would likely be the richest state in the nation. But “Silicon Valley is the least likely to vote for this,” Draper acknowledged Tuesday. “It’s bizarre.”

Draper made the statements at a salon before a crowd of tech insiders, journalists and San Francisco business insiders Tuesday night. The evening of discussion to explore the idea of California secession was hosted in the San Francisco home of public relations guru Susan MacTavish, founder of the Living Mactavish fashion, food and design website...

Draper on Tuesday would not reveal his internal polling — other than to say generally that numbers in Silicon Valley are strongly opposed to the plan and other more conservative parts of the state, like the Central Valley, are in favor. “This is not going to happen overnight,” he said.
It's always a big shock to selfish rich people that most other well-to-do people aren't as selfish as they are. It's important to remember that many of the very wealthy are like Warren Buffett, people who vote primarily for Democrats and aren't afraid to pay a little more in taxes to have a fruitful, stable and fairer society. It's not even the 1% that are ruining things for the rest of us; it's a very sociopathic, very energetic fraction of that 1%. And they're really shocked when other people don't behave as asininely as they do.

Meanwhile, it's no surprise that the most conservative--and poorest--parts of the state are in favor this guy's plan. The rubes who get the most from government services always believe that some poorer, darker city dweller is getting their hard-earned money. It's the oldest con in the book, and they buy into it every time.