Hashtag fail 'o the century

Hashtag fail 'o the century

by digby

The NYPD learned the hard way that #myNYPD is not necessarily #everyonesNYPD.

A seemingly innocuous request by NYPD officials to have Twitter users post happy pictures of themselves with city cops blew up in the department’s face on Tuesday when people instead began tweeting photos of police brutality...

The hashtag quickly started trending on the Twitter-verse, quickly generating over 10,000 responses in the hour after 4pm., an overwhelming amount of which were negative. Many of the posts were photographic examples of the department’s heavy-handed treatment of Occupy Wall Street protesters in lower Manhattan in 2011. Some of the posted pictures show cops with billy clubs attacking rallying protestors.

Other Twitter users wrote funny captions for the violence-revealing pictures.
“The NYPD taking a quick break to enjoy the music and crowd surf,” user Yung DeGrassi wrote under a picture of a cop reaching over a barricade to grab an Occupy Wall Street protestor.

You might not have known this, but the NYPD can help you with that kink in your neck. #myNYPD pic.twitter.com/fzUok1FWXG
— Cocky McSwagsalot (@MoreAndAgain) April 22, 2014

On the other hand, it's probably not a great idea to send a picture of yourself to the NYPD. Like so many government agencies they have a bad habit of keeping records on file to be used in other circumstances.