Looks like the rich GOP donors think they're the new Karl Roves.

Looks like the rich GOP donors think they're the new Karl Roves

by digby

Over at Salon this morning I talk about the fact that many of the rich guys who are funding the Republican Party seem to be really dumb about politics. But that's not stopping them from taking the reins from the GOP political strategists. After all, they've been told they are Gods among men.  By Republicans. They are so smart and so good and so superior (if they weren't how could they possibly have so much money?) politics should be a snap:
If there’s one thing I thought all Republicans understood, even the rich ones, was that the vaunted “base” was king. After all, it was their expensive propaganda that created it. Those who financed the conservative movement very carefully nurtured the so-called Silent Majority of white people who didn’t hold with all that pointy-headed multiculturalism or welfare queens and feminazis — the hardscrabble Real Americans of the heartland who loved flag and country. If the big GOP donors have been watching “Mad Men” reruns and think they’re financing a movement of Wall Street traders and Junior League housewives, they’re on the wrong channel. They need to turn on “Duck Dynasty” and get themselves some guns.
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