QOTD: Rand Paul

QOTD: Rand Paul

by digby

Gibberish on abortion rights:

I think the debate is about when life begins,” Paul said, stating the problem, but not the solution, something he has become very adept at doing. “Is it OK for an 8-pound baby to be aborted one week before delivery? If the mother says she’s anxious and wants to ‘kill myself,’ you can have the abortion one day before it’s due?

Is there anyone on the planet who is agitating for 8 pound babies to be "aborted"? I think we call that childbirth. And the notion that there is a debate about whether "anxious" little wimmin should be allowed to kill themselves a day before the baby is due is obscene.

Look at what he's really saying there. He's claiming that the issue at hand is a bunch of dizzy broads who wait until a day or a week before they give birth to have an abortion.

He went on to say that the debate is between those who think that there should be abortion at any moment up to birth and those who think there should never be an abortion. He says the answer is somewhere in between. Well, he's in luck. We have something called Roe vs Wade which is exactly that. Which he doesn't support.

Paul should spare his puerile philosophizing and trying to have it both ways. If he's pro-choice he should say it. If he isn't he should own up to it instead of passing it off, as he usually does, as a matter of states' rights. (No, libertarians aren't supposed to believe that state governments can deny one's freedom any more than a national government -- I don't know why he's allowed to get away with this. Government is government.) This gibberish about some non-existent debate over women aborting the day before they're due is insulting.