Thank you for this honor from the bottom of my heart #DigbysHillman

Thank you for this honor

by digby

Here's a surprise for an old country blogger: I've been awarded this year's Hillman Prize for Opinion and Analysis Journalism. Who would have thought that could ever happen when I started this ugly little blog 11 years ago? I couldn't have seen it coming, that's for sure.

I won't belabor this except to express my gratitude to the Hillman Foundation, particularly Lindsay Beyerstein and Tom Watson. It's a great privilege to be listed among such wonderful writers and journalists, especially my friend Jonathan Cohn. I am also indebted to my great blog contributors over the years --- David Atkins, Dennis Hartley, David Dayen and Tristero --- and my Blue America partners Howie Klein and John Amato for being wonderful friends and collaborators.

And finally, many, many thanks to the generous readers who have supported this blog all these years. That support is what allowed me to stay independent and do this on my own terms which is a very precious and unusual gift in this life. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this thrilling day possible for me.

If you want to read about the prize and why they awarded it to me, you can go here.