The meanest Christian

The meanest Christian

by digby

I told you Huckabee was a nasty piece of work. And this is really nasty:

Noting that President Barack Obama said years ago that he opposed gay marriage because of his Christian beliefs, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee openly questioned those beliefs Friday because the president had since changed his position.

Huckabee spoke with Fox New's Laura Ingraham about his own comments regarding same-sex nuptials. He had told an Iowa audience Tuesday that his opposition was "on the right side of the Bible." On Friday, he argued that it was the same stance that Obama had taken in 2008.

"He said it was because of his Christian convictions. Does he have them or does he not?" Huckabee told Ingraham. "If one has them, they don't change depending on what the culture does. You don't take an opinion poll to come up with a new point of view."

He laid out three possible scenarios to explain the president's change of heart: "Were you lying then or are you lying now or did the Bible get re-written?"

He's insulting President Obama in his usual nasty way by calling him a liar. But he's also insulting all the Christians who believe in gay marriage, which I assume includes quite a few of the people who are reading this right now. There are lots of them.

The Barna group, which tracks religious attitudes in America, did a poll last summer:

I guess all those people who've changed their minds are liars or heretics.

And here's another example of their ongoing problem with younger voters:

A striking diference emerged in this survey both in 2003 and 2013: Both among the national average and the Christian population, views on same-sex relationships vary significantly by age. Across the board, twenty- and thirty-something Americans are more likely than Americans 40 and over to support legal changes favoring the LGBTQ community (65% compared to 46%), to view same-sex relationships as morally acceptable (47% compared to 30%), and disagree that marriage is defined as one man and one woman (61% compared to 46%).

Within the Christian community, this generational trend remains the same, though the gap is smaller. Younger practicing Christians are statistically more supportive of the LGBTQ movement than their parents’ generation. Nearly half of of practicing Protestants under 40 today support changing laws to enable more freedoms for the LGBTQ community, while just one-third of their parents’ and grandparents’ generation feel the same.

The ways younger practicing Christians understand the goals of the LGBTQ community also differ significantly than their predecessors’ perceptions. Twenty- and thirty-something practicing Christians today are twice as likely as practicing Christians over 40 to identify protection from violence and discrimination (11% compared to 6%) and sexual freedom (13% compared to 6%) as goals of the LGBTQ community. Younger Christians (19%) are also nearly three times as likely as older Christians (7%) to understand adoption as a desire within the LGBTQ community.

So keep insulting Christians and other Americans with this nonsense, Huckabee. It'll only hurt your political ball team. And that's a good thing.