Travel advisory for Georgia?

Travel advisory for Georgia?

by digby

And no I'm not talking about the country "over there" near Russia where all the action is. I'm talking about our Georgia. I can imagine that many travelers from more civilized parts of the world would not feel comfortable in a place this armed and dangerous:

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) just signed a law former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ (D-AZ) organization described as “the most extreme gun bill in America.” The new law allows guns in bars, churches, nightclubs and libraries. It eliminates criminal charges against people who accidentally bring guns into airports or other buildings where guns are prohibited.

But get this:

It expands Georgia’s Stand Your Ground law so that felons may invoke this defense.

So, they are basically giving felons a right to kill if they "feel afraid." They can't vote but they can carry guns and kill people with impunity. Sure, that makes perfect sense.

Sadly, the way these things work is that something truly horrible will have to happen before they reverse this crazy law. It often takes decades and untold amounts of carnage before that happens. And that's assuming they will see the error of their ways at all.

The inner cities of the US were shooting galleries for a couple of decades, with little girls being shot dead from stray bullets coming through the walls as they slept in their beds. It's calmed down a bit. But it looks like the great state of Georgia and others like it are anxious to stage their own version of "Boys in the Hood" on streets all over their states. I guess that's their privilege. I hope they don't count on tourism as a form of revenue. I'll bet Somalia doesn't have a roaring tourist trade either.