Get over it

Get over it

by digby

This is why Ailes is paying Howard Kurtz the big bucks:

My take is this: Let's say Hillary's people are right and that the press is petty, sensationalist, often unfair and sometimes mean to women? Deal with it. It's like complaining about bad weather. Every candidate has to cope with an adversarial media, and Democrats usually get a break at least on social issues.

He left out the most important part of that quote. It's supposed to be "deal with it, bitches", amirite?

Women have to put up with being treated like second class citizens and endure specific, disgusting, demeaning sexist insults because that's just how the world works. Hey, they get breaks in other ways --- they're hardly ever caught with their pants down in a whorehouse for instance. And they tend not to get stalked on twitter for showing off their boners. So, it's not as if they aren't cut plenty of slack.

Does everyone remember when Howard Kurtz insisted he wasn't a right wing shill? Good times.