Here it is, at long last: the ultimate "get over it."

Here it is, at long last: the ultimate "get over it."

by digby

Wanna get your blood boiling? Read this piece of garbage from Matt Bai:
The truth is that Bush was never anything close to the ogre or the imbecile his most fevered detractors insisted he was. Read "Days of Fire," the excellent and exhaustive book on Bush's presidency by Peter Baker, my former colleague at the New York Times. Bush comes off there as compassionate and well-intentioned — a man who came into office underprepared and overly reliant on his wily vice president and who found his footing only after making some tragically bad decisions. Baker's Bush is a flawed character you find yourself rooting for, even as you wince at his judgment.

But as is the way in modern Washington, it was never enough for Bush's political opponents that he was miscast or misguided. He had to be something worse than that — or, more precisely, a lot of things worse. He had to be the most catastrophic president ever, in the history of ever. He had to be a messianic war criminal. Or a corporate plant looking to trade blood for oil. Or a doofus barely able to construct a sentence.


Forget about the hundreds of thousands of dead people. He was really a nice guy.

I'm sorry, you want the job of president, there are no excuses for bad decisions on the level of the Iraq invasion. Sorry. It's a rare leader whose record includes a major terrorist attack, an illegal invasion of a nation that didn't attack it and a catastrophic economic crisis. I'd call that just a little bit special.

Basically, what's Matt Bai is telling you in that condescending way that only the best of Villagers can muster: "get over it."

Uhm no.

*And by the way, he was a doofus barely able to construct a sentence.