Wonder why people hate politics?

Wonder why people hate politics?

by digby

This is why people: politicians who are so openly contemptuous of even their own alleged principles that they smugly demand that we not only believe total bullshit when it comes from their own mouths but we should admire them for their dishonesty:
Rep. Richard B. Nugent, a Republican lawmaker whose three sons have served in the military, made the case of captive soldier Bowe Bergdahl a personal cause. He delivered speeches about Bergdahl on the House floor. He introduced two resolutions affirming that the United States would not abandon him in Afghanistan.

What Nugent wanted, he told a crowd at a rally for Bergdahl’s release in February, was for “the United States to do everything possible not to leave any members of the armed forces behind.”

But today, Nugent says that when he said “do everything possible,” did not actually mean everything. Now that Bergdahl is free, the Florida congressman has become a critic of the deal that freed him.

Nugent believes that the Obama administration gave away too much by sending back five Taliban commanders held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and that it did not follow the law on consulting members of Congress.

“Doing ‘everything possible’ in my mind does not include breaking the law and jeopardizing national security,” Nugent said in a written statement.

“It doesn’t mean the Commander in Chief should go give them a nuclear weapon or whatever else they want in exchange for Bergdahl. Basic judgment tells you that. People on both sides think he’s put our troops and our allies at undue risk” by sending back the Taliban leaders, Nugent said.
Right. Releasing a handful of aging, broken Taliban men who've been imprisoned for over a decade is just like giving them a nuclear weapon . Because everyone knows that Taliban are Super Villains, with diabolical super powers. (Almost as powerful as the "al-Qaeda" who are Super-duper Villains with the strength of millions who will kill us all in our beds!)

They are also very dumb, however, because until this happened they had never realized that holding a hostage might result in a prisoner exchange. They don't get out much.

Read the whole article to see such blatant hypocrisy on display that it will make you dizzy. And by the way, it isn't just Republicans. Watch the Democrats scurry like little mice at the first sign the Republicans are going to pull one of their oatented national security hissy fits. It never fails.