That's why we like her

That's why we like her

by digby

I know that liberals are considered to be so far out of the mainstream that Villagers remains convinced that even crazed extremists like Sam Brownback and Tom Tancredo are more legitimate representatives of America than they are. So I can only imagine the laughter and glee with which this analysis from Nate Silver will be met inside the beltway since it marks Elizabeth Warren as more liberal than even the dreaded George McGovern. They so yearn to get back to hippie bashing and it's been awfully difficult when the Republicans have been acting like a bunch of right wing yippies, tearing up the place and laughing in their faces as they do it.

But why should liberals care? If you spend your life worrying about what the Village thinks you'll end up like a predictable corrupt Democratic functionary, which is to say you'll have the influence of a potted plant.

You can click here for the methodology.

By the way, liberals have a right to be represented in our political system too. They may not be as many of us as there are wingnutty lunatics, but there are tens of millions of us.