They're children, Part XXII

They're children, Part XXII

by digby

Dday conducted an in-depth interview with progressive Caucus Chair Keith Ellison after Netroots Nation in which Ellison says a lot of interesting things. But I liked this the best:
Raul Grijalva worked with our progressive partners and brought forth a white paper which we adopted that said children first. Children first. And we don’t want anything to do with, in fact I firmly oppose, this hateful idea that we’re going to throw kids who could be victims of trafficking back to the wolves. We won’t do it. We’re going to be aggressive and robust in defending this idea of kids first.
Thank God there's somebody out there who is taking the only decent and moral position on this.

That's the starting point: we are not going to throw these kids back to the wolves.  Once you've made that obvious decision you can start to look at all the other options to mitigate this problem.

I'm sure these children would rather be with their parents and their parents would rather their kids be with them.  They are human beings, after all. Imagine what it takes to send your kid off on a trek of a thousand miles because you are afraid they are going to be killed if you don't. Only desperation could drive any parent to do such a thing. Our government needs to deal with that horrific reality.  These kids are refugees.

Oh, and this is about as silly an approach to dealing with it as possible:

That's Neidermeyer Perry there, posing for another photo-op yesterday in yet another costume.  Those Texas boys do love their get-ups. As he said, it's all about the "visual."

I'm sure the kids will all be "deterred" when they the sight of him and will scurry the thousand miles back home as fast as their little legs can carry them.