When executive action is all you have left, that's what you have to use, by @DavidOAtkins

When executive action is all you have left, that's what you have to use

by David Atkins

Whether it's climate change, immigration or contraception, the hate-and-greed fueled corporatists are basically leaving the President no choice but to act unilaterally:

“As we assess the impact of this decision, we'll consider whether or not there is a range of other options that may be available that don't require legislative action,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters.

Democrats signaled in the hours after the high court’s decision that they think the issue could boost their turnout in the fall by highlighting GOP opposition to abortion rights. That makes it even more likely that Obama will not fear taking executive steps.


Still, extending the accommodation to include closely held businesses appears to be the path of least resistance for the administration.

“The most obvious next move is to have HHS adopt a regulation — perhaps even an emergency regulation, as authorized by law — saying that the accommodation provided to religious nonprofits is now available for for-profits covered by the Hobby Lobby decision,” Harvard Law professor Mark Tushnet said.

Alternatively, the president could issue an executive order requiring that all contractors who work for the federal government provide contraception coverage.
This will, of course, increase the conservative crocodile tears about "imperial presidency" and "Obama the King" and all that nonsense. So be it. Conservatives have destroyed the credibility of the Supreme Court and used gerrymandering to lock themselves into a congressional majority. They've done so at the expense of their future and their ability to be a viable national party, losing a race for the White House that all traditional indicators said they should have won.

Let them reap the consequences.