Modo deja vu

Modo deja vu

by digby

So,Maureen Dowd has been clutching her pearls for 25 years over president failing to rush back to the White House every time Peggy Noonan decides a crisis is upon us. Today's idiotic screed is here. But check this out:
CONFRONTATION THE GULF; Aides Worry About How Bush's Vacation Looks in a Crisis

By MAUREEN DOWD, Special to The New York Times

Published: August 11, 1990

Noting that he keeps a telephone in his golf cart and in his Cigarette boat, President Bush today defended his decision to go on vacation only three days after sending American troops to the Middle East.

''Word of honor,'' the President said, in an attempt to reassure the American people that he is surrounded by enough ''highly complex and highly efficient communications'' to keep track of the volatile situation in the Persian Gulf.

''I'm determined that life goes on,'' Mr. Bush said on Air Force One as he traveled from Washington to his coastal home in Maine for a 25-day vacation. ''The American people want to see life go on so long as they understand their President and top officials are on top of a troubled situation.''
I agree with Poppy. The last thing this world needs is for the president of the United States to look like he's panicking.

And how about St. Ronnie when he invaded Grenada?

Reagan remained on vacation at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. Repeat: golf resort. Here are three strikingly presidential photos from Augusta — the golf resort! First, Reagan in his jammies being briefed on the Grenada plans, then, later hitting the links.
(Peggy Noonan must have swooned at the sight of those presidential toes...)

h/t to Eric Boehlert