They really don't get it, do they? #sexistmorons

They really don't get it do they?

by digby

Take a look at this ad then think of all the ways in which it's sexist, offensive and just plain dumb:

The ad is paid for by:

John Jordan, a California winery owner and head of the group Americans for Shared Prosperity whose work in outside groups has gained attention in the past year, is planning to air two women-focused spots nationally over the next few days during major news shows like “Meet the Press” on NBC and on Fox News, as well as digitally across national print publications, including POLITICO.

Jordan said he is bothered by the Democrats’ focus on a “war on women” that emerged in the 2012 campaign cycle, but also believes Republican messaging has been weak in pushing back.

He's right. And I think this is just the right ad to appeal to that super-elusive swing voter --- the Rush Limbaugh fan. This ad will lock them up for the Republicans, guaranteed.