Hey nobody told us this could happen to white people too

Hey nobody told us this could happen to white people too

by digby

You just have to laugh:

Arkansas Attorney General candidate Leslie Rutledge is crying foul over the cancellation of her voter registration form. Rutledge, the Republican nominee for Attorney General, was kicked off the voter rolls after it was discovered that she failed to cancel previous voter registrations in Washington, DC and Virginia, and re-register in Pulaski County when she moved. Pulaski County Clerk Larry Crane, a Democrat, said he was legally obligated to remove her after receiving a letter flagging this issue.

Rutledge and Republican groups are calling the removal a “dirty trick” that was politically motivated. But what happened to Rutledge is in fact very common, and becoming even more common after the state implemented a number of strict voter restrictions, including a controversial voter ID law being litigated in court Thursday.

That's right. It's protecting legitimate voters from vote fraud when it's done to the you-know-whos. It's a "dirty trick" when it happens to a nice Republican lady.

Arkansas’ strict voter ID law caused chaos during the May primary. Voters were inappropriately grilled on their personal information at the polls. Many absentee ballots from legitimate voters were discarded because they did not include proof of ID.
Rutledge argued that she tried to register to vote in Pulaski County, but that the clerk’s office gave her a “change of address” form instead. “I don’t know if I made any mistakes except listening to the clerk and I should have insisted they accept my form when they refused it,” Rutledge told ArkansasMatters.com.

Oh boo hoo hoo. This is happening to people all over the country because of these incomprehensible election laws the Republicans are passing in order to make sure people who don't like their plutocratic policies aren't allowed to vote. Unfortunately for them, these laws can catch their own voters in the same net.