You mean you can be a terrorist without being a Muslim? Who knew?

You mean you can be a terrorist without being a Muslim? Who knew?

by digby

Shhh. Don't tell Bill Maher, but not all terrorists are Muslims. And there are a bunch of them right here in the United States:
Federal agents reportedly found a supply of the explosive ammonium nitrate, along with a pile of guns and ammo, when they searched the hotel room of a leader of a Texas border militia member earlier this month.

The San Antonio Express-News reported on Wednesday about court records that showed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives dispatched agents to a hotel in Brownsville, Texas where Kevin "KC" Massey had been staying before his Oct. 20 arrest on weapons charges.

Along with a box containing the chemical, the officers found "an AK-47 with six loaded magazines, a loaded handgun, a ballistic helmet and several cameras," according to the Texas newspaper.

As the Express-News noted, ammonium nitrate is the substance used by the Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh in the attack that killed 168 people.

Massey belonged to the paramilitary group "Camp Lonestar," and was described as a "CO," or commanding officer, in a September profile in the Texas Observer.
Imagine that. A misfit weirdo with a bunch of explosives who isn't a jihadi. How could he have thought of this without the Koran telling him what to do? I can't figure it out ...

In fact, did anyone ever find the hidden Muslim extremist connection with McVeigh? There must be one somewhere. If there isn't one, that would mean that people find all kinds of reasons to commit political violence and you can't attribute it to a religion which claims 1.6 billion non-violent believers any more than you can attribute Tim McVeigh's violence to Thomas Jefferson who said "the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants". You probably need to look a little more deeply to find the reasons for these things.