Pearl clutching strategists run screaming to the press

Pearl clutching strategists run screaming to the press

by digby

Oh good lord. If the Democratic Party wants to know what's wrong with the Democratic Party it isn't the "professional left" or the "emoprogs" it's the institutional Democrats who run to press and whine like infants every time the Party looks like it's about to an election --- even if it was entirely predictable and is completely reversible 2 years later:

In conversations this past week with more than a dozen Democratic strategists deeply involved in this campaign — a few who were willing to speak on the record — there was widespread pessimism about the party’s chances Tuesday:

“Challenging,” acknowledged Ali Lapp, executive director of the House Majority PAC, a super PAC spending millions of dollars on ads to promote House Democrats, referring to the national dynamic

“It’s a very challenging environment,” agreed Penny Lee, a Democratic lobbyist and longtime political aide to former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell.

“Unsettled,” offered Democratic pollster Fred Yang.

“The trends are not good,” said Steve Rosenthal, a veteran Democratic and labor strategist.

There were lots (and lots) of reasons given for the difficulties Democrats are facing: The Senate map. The historic trends of second-term, midterm elections — a.k.a. the “six-year itch.” Voter apathy. But the one factor that virtually every person I talked to cited as the biggest reason for the party’s predicament was President Obama.

Whatever. I'm sure their next bit of sage advice will be for the President to pass the Tea party agenda as soon as possible. But could they at least STFU until people actually vote?

And anyway, as @DonnaDiva pointed out on twitter, aren't these the people who are paid big bucks to win elections? Maybe they ought to take a look in the mirror.