Send him a bill and he'll sign it

by digby

The Republicans are working themselves up into a massive hissy fit over the president's promised Executive Orders on immigration. And it's nonsense. They have a bipartisan bill they can take to the floor right now and put it up for a vote.  They refuse. Amd doing what Axelrod and Rendell and others have suggested, which is go and beg Boehner to bring it up in thenext couple of months in the vain hope that they won't have this hissy fit is just daft.

The president is doing this the right way --- the only way:

"I presided over a process in which the Senate produced a bipartisan bill. I then said to John Boehner, 'John, let's get this passed through the House.' For a year I stood back and let him work on this. He decided not to call the Senate bill and he couldn't produce his own bill," Obama said in an interview with CBS" "Face the Nation," which aired Sunday.

"What I'm saying to them, actually, their time hasn't run out. I'm going to do what I can do through executive action," he said. "And in the interim, the minute they pass a bill that addresses the problems with immigration reform, I will sign it and it supercedes whatever actions I take."

Send him a bill he can sign and he'll withdraw the EO. The bill is just sitting there --- why won't Boehner let it come to the floor? Because it will likely pass, that's why. That's the game here and the WH is calling their bluff.