QOTD: You didn't build that edition

QOTD: You didn't build that edition

by digby

Via Right Wing Watch

By now we all know that President Obama wants universal community college: free tuition for every person in America. But I’m having a hard time finding where the Constitution mandates that every American is entitled to an associate’s degree. We are now six years into the Obama presidency and they have a reputation for being less than truthful. Take for example this notion of free community college.

It turns out that free education is going to cost American taxpayers $60 billion over the next decade, and that doesn’t even include all of the free condoms and cell phones and medicinal marijuana bongs. You know, back when I was growing up, college kids were expect to work their way through school, it was considered shameful to ask for a handout. But this is Obama’s America and the entitlement crowd thinks that they are entitled to our money.

Wow. They're giving away free condoms and medicinal marijuana bongs in college? I think that's great. Good public health is good for all of us. And if everyone had cell phones we'd all be safer. These strike me as excellent, low cost benefits.

But I take issue with Starnes' assertion that nobody got a handout back in the day when he went to college:

Starnes went to Georgia State University. Let's just say it's not a private school. It appears that tarnes felt he was entitled to quite a bit of the Georgia taxpayers money.

And in the 1980s when Starnes went to college, tuition was far less than it is today and the government picked up much more of it: