Something happening here

Something happening here

by digby

More specifically, there:

Tens of thousands of supporters of Spain’s left-wing protest party Podemos filled the streets of central Madrid on Saturday in an organised march six days after Syriza won the general election in Greece. Many of the those attending had begun their journey to Madrid from other towns in Spain in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Demonstrators began concentrating in Madrid’s Cibeles square—the nominal starting point of the march—at around 11 a.m., and soon filled the main streets leading to the nearby Puerta del Sol, the end point where the political rally and speeches took place

Podemos managed to fill the Puerta del Sol—frequently considered a test of a successful demonstration in Madrid—but calculations of the numbers of people in attendance varied between the 100,000 estimated by the police and the 300,000 estimated by Podemos.

At some point the worm turns. This could get interesting.