QOTD: Jeb!

QOTD: Jeb!

by digby

Jeb said today that he wouldn't change a thing about his behavior during the Schiavo matter which means he's still a meddling ghoul. And then there's this:
Bush has previously said that the intelligence used to justify the start of the Iraq war was flawed, but he pushed back against a question Friday about whether his brother had made any other mistakes with his foreign policy.

"I'm not going to get into that," he said. "That's not particularly relevant in a world of deep insecurity, focusing on the past is not really relevant. What's relevant is what's the role of America going forward?"
Oh my. He's going to have a tough time with this "politics of the past" thing, isn't he?

And yeah, it's a world of deep insecurity. And a big part of the reason why is that his brother W decided to blow up the middle east and get out of town. I think most people are reminded of that every time they see this guy's face.