Here's your creeping Sharia

Here's your creeping Sharia

by digby

Via Huffington Post:

When Jennifer Smith's son brought home a permission slip for a sixth-grade pool party, she was surprised to read a stipulation: "All girls must wear a non-white t-shirt over their swimsuit."
And you'll notice the boys aren't allowed to wear speedos. I sure hope nobody allows their kids to watch the Olympics because they're going to get an eye full and lord only knows what bad thoughts they might have.

The mother (who wrote the comment there on the permission slip) complained and the school district said it was about not shaming girls who didn't have nice swimsuits, which was clearly nonsense because they wouldn't have mandates that they not be white unless they were worried about modesty. (No explanation for the speedo ban.)

They ended up making the t-shirt optional and none of the girls wore them. There were no reports of temptresses and lust-filled schoolboys being unable to control themselves at the pool party.

I suspect this sort of thing is becoming common again in a lot of places. Parents are upset by the sexuality they see in popular culture and want to keep their kids away from it. But this kind of thing goes exactly the wrong way. You can't repress sexuality you can only teach people to be responsible and decent about it. It always comes out somewhere. Look at the Duggar saga.

Speaking of the Duggar saga:
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, from TLC’s reality series “18 Kids and Counting,” are very serious about modest dressing, such much so that they’re fans of “Wholesomewear swimsuits.”