Scotty's got a gun

Scotty's got a gun

by digby

I just love this picture of the Great Whitebread Hope, (via Crooks and Liars)

Yes, that's Scott Walker. And yes, he's running as a big gun guy.

C&L points out that Wisconsin suffered a mass shooting last week:

Police said Wednesday that Jonathan Stoffel of Neenah was shot seven times Sunday on the Fox Cities Trestle Trail bridge, and his 11-year-old daughter was shot three times. A third victim, Adam Bentdahl of Appleton, was shot once, according to preliminary autopsy results.

Meanwhile, Post-Crescent Media learned that the shooter, Sergio Valencia del Toro of Menasha, had been on the bridge at least 45 minutes before opening fire.

Valencia del Toro used a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol to kill the victims, all of whom died on the bridge, police said.

Stoffel's wife, Erin, the fourth person shot by Valencia del Toro, suffered three gunshot wounds during the shooting spree.
And rather than issuing condolences or comforting the family, Walker sent out this message to his Facebook followers:
Every law-abiding citizen has a right to own a gun, but under the Obama Administration, our Second Amendment rights have been under constant attack. I’m committed to fighting to ensure that this freedom is protected. Join with me and show that you’re a staunch defender of our Second Amendment rights by signing this petition.

What a guy.