Hating on the teachers again

Hating on the teachers again

by digby

I just cannot get over how perfectly normal it is for Republicans to talk about teachers as if they're dirt:

Teachers. You know, the people you entrust to instruct and care for your little children day in and day out?  Those are the people these alleged leaders choose to go after as if they are enemies of the state.

Doesn't that freak you out a little bit? It does me. There's something very sinister about targeting this group for derision, social ostracism and outright insults.

Kasich should be a little bit more careful. The last time he went after public employees he got his clock cleaned by the voters. Of course he made the mistake of including firefighters -- a mostly male profession -- in his crusade and they just won't stand for it. Teachers, on the other hand, are now perfectly acceptable punching bags for the Republican party.