"They're called babies"

"They're called babies"

by digby


Seeking to tie Jeb Bush to Donald Trump, the Clinton campaign published a bilingual video on immigration Thursday morning that tied the two Republican candidates together.

The campaign hits Trump, the Republican front-runner, and Bush, the Clinton campaign's most common GOP target, on comments both made about "anchor babies," a term some used for children of undocumented immigrants who gain U.S. citizenship by being born in the country.

Maybe they could start using the term "wetback" again too. "Spic" is good too. You know, in order to show their solidarity with the bigots. It's a good thing they don't need any Latino votes.


Jeb Bush on Thursday said he doesn’t think the term “anchor babies” is offensive, wading further into the controversial debate over birthright citizenship that was sparked by Donald Trump.

“Give me another word” than “anchor babies,” he challenged while speaking at a press conference in Keene, New Hampshire Thursday.

That's exactly what Trump said yesterday:

“You know what? Give me a different term.”