James O'Keefe bags another scalp

James O'Keefe bags another scalp

by digby

Here's the latest pathetic attempt to stay relevant:
In a five-minute video compilation, Veritas showed senior members of Mrs. Clinton’s team appearing to accept a donation from a Canadian women at Mrs. Clinton’s campaign announcement rally in exchange for hats and pins bearing the candidate’s name. The staff members — Molly Barker and Erin Tibe — express awareness that they cannot except a donation from a foreigner but agree to allow the Canadian woman to give the money to an American citizen standing next to her who made the transaction on her behalf.

Although the American happened to be one of Project Veritas’s staff members who used a fake name, Mr. O’Keefe made the case that the video showed a willingness by the campaign to skirt laws that forbid taking donations from foreigners by using a conduit. The transaction amounted to $75, and Project Veritas has asked Mrs. Clinton’s campaign to refund the money.

“They have demonstrated a willingness to contravene the law,” Mr. O’Keefe said.

Blowing the lid off of this potentially nefarious Canadian foreign influence on Hillary Clinton the New York Times does go on to explain that foreign donations are a huge problem for her because foundation blah,blah, blah. (This is the same nonsensical stuff they did over the Johnny Chung and buddhist temple bullshit back in the 1990s which resulted in --- zilch.) But this time it's especially hilarious considering the tsunami of billionaire money flooding politics and the open practice by presidential candidate these days to prostrate themselves before rich old men to beg for money in return for a promise to fulfill their agendas. These candidates are literally being bribed before our very eyes. And it's perfectly legal.

I'm going to guess that some low level volunteer foolishly allowing herself to be conned by James O'Keefe over 75 bucks isn't going to make the front pages. But who the hell knows?